we are makers, creators, and programmers. yeah, micaviet is proud to be one of the leaders in vietnam in processing point of sale materials specializes in acrylic. if you can think it, we can make it and if you cannot think it, we can still make it. found in 2005, micaviet with over 1,000 sqm of workspace, we are offering custom fabrication of acrylic with such as belows:


1.     1.       posm: leaflet holder, light box, display case, display box, display frame, stationery, cellphone holder, standee menu, gift, jewelry box…….

2.     2.       household items: cutting board, knife holder, tableware, 3d led frame, acrylic tray, tissue box, bowl, and pupil board….

3.     3.       luxery restaurant and hotel products:  standee menu, serving tray, led light box, 3d light frame, and tableware, tissue box….


please send us your requirements and we are ready for any !

why contract to us?

there’s nothing better than getting to work with machines that are as cool as they sound:

  • -          acrylic heat bender
  • -          helix laser cutter
  • -          speedy laser cutter
  • -          cnc engraving machine
  • -          and a lot more with skillful workers